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Job Description

We are looking for intermediate to senior developers to help build our semantic recommender system. We’re a well-funded startup based in London, and are looking to grow our dev team in Cape Town. We work remotely, and will provide office space for meetings and those who prefer to have a dedicated work environment.

We use Python as our general-purpose language, Clojure for the core domain, RDF and SPARQL for semantic components, Elasticsearch for indexing, and are working on machine learning algorithms with the help of world-leading academics and an in-house data scientist. We’re combining these technologies (on an event-based append-only data pipeline) into a SaaS platform that understands not only what content is about, but also how humans learn and explore ideas. And we’d love your help.

You would be responsible for building and maintaining well-tested, virtualised production services and event handlers in Clojure and Python. You’d work with educationalists, data scientists and experts in machine learning and semantic technology to build API services that provide content analysis, recommendation, search and exploration for educational content providers, non-fiction publishers and a variety of Edtech platforms.

Contract :  Permanent/Full time
Location :  Cape Town, South Africa (Remote work possible)
Salary :   Competitive and dependent on skills and experience.

Skills and Requirements
Only Clojure or Python and some smarts are required, but you’ll need to be (or become) comfortable with at least a few of the following:

AWS Lambda
Graph databases
Google Cloud Platform
Agile methodologies

About Bibblio

Bibblio improves the engagement and retention of your audience by delivering smart content recommendations to your platforms, via their API. The learning industry struggles with the ongoing challenge of user engagement and retention on their platforms. Among factors that affect users’ engagement, being able to interact with great content at the right time plays a pivotal role. This discovery problem needs to be addressed to bridge the gap between users and great content catalogues. In a world of too much content and information, everyone needs a good librarian. As such, Bibblio empowers audiences to discover great resources and broaden their horizons. Using Bibblio’s API and pre-designed modules, you can automatically make your educational or non-fiction content more discoverable.
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